Service Scope

Curb side appeal is very important but unfortunately is sometimes overlooked. My experience has seen that if a property shows pride of ownership and is regularly maintained people will respect it which is a direct saves to the property owner as well as it draws appropriate cliental to the business store front. The positive for rentals is very similar in the fact of the respect aspect as well it motivates the tenant to take on maintenance or watch dog role because they can see that someone cares.

You want your landscaping to suit your lifestyle, your home, or and your business and we will be happy to help you explore those options. Making sure your visions are discussed, select appropriate materials, and in your budget are the major factors to be considered when planning your project. We strive to increase your investment when we are designing your landscape or seasonal clean-ups. Our friendly, skilled and respectful team is looking forward to working with you.


Design/Construct/Maintain, Maintenance Services on a weekly/Bi-weekly/ Monthly or on-call basis. Ie: all levels of lawn care, pruning, hedges, tree service, weeding, blowing , delivery of all landscaping materials. Yard waste removal.

Landscape Contracting

Experience in commercial & residenial contracting from small to large scale.


Working with stratas requires good communication and coordination to get the job complete on time and with quality worksmanship. We work together with many other companies and trades to accomplish this on time. Focusing on the work requested we don’t try to add any extras in ensuring everything on your wish list gets finished and completed with precision and quality.


We work with local Irrigation Businesses to offer the highest quality of work & products for our clients. Two businesses we work with closely that offer equal service and products are Gibsons Irrigation & Wades Irrigation in Victoria BC.

Exterior General Property Maintenance

Painting, graffiti removal, power washing, replacing burn-out lights, gutters/drains/windows, hauling ie; equipment/garbage/recycling and routine odd jobs and repairs.

Interior General Property Maintenance

Painting, replacing burn-out lights, hauling ie; equipment/garbage/recycling, commercial , routine odd jobs or repairs and residential lease/rental clean-up or restoration.

Disposal, Delivery & Hauling

Delivery of any yard material up to 8 yards delivered to your property, or specific property drop off. We also offer disposal & hauling of materials, yard waste, soils, recycling / junk. With the dumptrucks size we are able to navigate into challenging locations and driveways. For large projects we work closely with Trew Slinger Services.